Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Quick Look

 Gangjin's Celadon Kiln

I've been so busy with my other work that I haven't had time to develop this blog.  My hope is that this blog will eventually develop into a site for those of us who love wood fired pottery to look at some kilns up close and begin some dialogue.  
The above kiln is Gangjin's celadon kiln that is one of the most poetic kilns for its simple beauty particularly in this light.  I'll post more about this kiln with multiple views in a later post.  
This post is here simply to give those who find this site a quick look at some Korean kilns.  To do that simply click on the link here or below.  We have contact with most of the artists whose kilns you find on that slide show so if you have questions ask and we'll try to find the answers.
I'd also like to organize a non-profit tour to Korea and possibly Japan and/or China to experience directly some of their kilns.  We might be able to even do a firing.  If you are interested in that tour possibility, without obligation, please email me to be put on that list.  When we get 10 or more interested, we'll see if we can form a group at a reasonable price.
Here is another link to that slide show on Korean kilns. Use the back arrow to return to this site.